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Some new features to help you organize your comping


We have added some new little features based on feedback from many of our members.

In all competition listings you will notice some symbols that have appeared on the right:
new feature

There are two new icons:
  • The upper symbol ressembling an eye will appear automatically if you have clicked on a competition before and visited the landing page.
  • The lower symbol is a checkbox that you can tick and untick to mark a competition. There is different ways you can use this of course but the main idea is that once you have entered a competition you tick it as done. This way you can track what you have done and concentrate on the ones that you have not entered yet.
Hopefully, these two little symbols will make your navigation of our site easier and help you staying on top of these hundreds of competitions.

Thanks to all who had provided your feedback and please let us know if you have further ideas for improvement.

World Food Day Poster Contest for Kids


The United Nations are organizing a poster contest for World Food Day. This is not our average competition on AussieContests but very much worth participating!

The contest is open to children and youth between the ages of 5 and 17, living in any country of the world. The winning poster will be announced on World Food Day (16 October 2013) and the winners will receive Certificates of Recognition, signed by a United Nations official. Enter the World Food Day Poster Contest

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Thanks to Danielle L. for sharing this with us.

Win a cruise around New Zealand


In those hazy days, wouldn't it be great to have som fresh air to look forward to? In this competition you stand a chance to win a 12-night cruise to New Zealand, starting from Sydney. Your room (or do you call it cabine?) will be for 2 people with an ocean view, aaaahhhh.... and the prize includes onboard main meals and entertainment for 2 people. Not the flight tickets though, but there are several good bargains to have on flights to Australia.

To participate in the competition answer in 25 words or less which restaurant you'd go to first on Solstice, and why? (see here for hints: www.ultimatetravelmagazine.com/holidays/celebrity-solstice-asia-cruise-photos-2/) Celebrity Solstice is the name of this gorgeous looking ship.

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