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Win a cute clothes or kid’s toys here!

This category is dedicated to children. In this category we list competitions where children have the chance to compete, or competitions where prices are especially suitable for children. Here you go to win many things to make a kid being happy. As we know that a children love toys, we have many types of toys here from local or import. It can be a doll like teddy bear, barbie, puzzle, leggo, action figure, gameboard, car toys, ball, marble, or building blocks. Sometime, kids love to play a game with their friends like playing snakes and ladders or monopoli. Some cute prizes like children clothes, superhero costume or cute accessories are also available here.

You can also find educational toys for kids like a children’s story book, encyclopedia for kids or educational computer games that can educate them while they are playing. Like nowadays when a kid starting to learn so many things earlier such as music or new language, a musical instrument that specifically made for kids are often to see now. More funny ways to learn language for kids like Alfalink, mini laptop, or speaking dolls are good as well. Other stuff to win can be anything from Nintendo games to stuffed animals. Sometimes, you can also find a drawing competition, dancing or singing contest for kids. This kind of competition need an active participation of children and their parents. Do not forget that if a child wants to participate in a contest that required parental consent!

Most of competitions listed here are need parental consent, so be aware and read carefully the whole requirements of a competition you wanted to join. For a competition to win children toys, you need to read the terms of use and the safety or it’s manual book as well. You need to make sure is it really safe for the children or not. However, we also perform a preselecting process to choose the best competitions for kids to be listed here. It will be great if we can help you to get free a cute and safe children stuff. You can also subscribe our notification to receive any updates regarding new competitions. Try to find something nice!

However, there are many ways to enter the competition on this page. Each organizer of the competition have different requirements. Some use a randomized system so you only need to fill out the online forms provided as easy as when you enter competitions in supermarkets. However, there are also organizers that require competition participants to fill out surveys to be able to participate in the competition, some of them also requiring reposting a post on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or even requiring the purchase of a particular product. You are expected to be more careful and pay close attention to any competition requirements you follow to avoid fraud and increase your chances to win.

For Kids

Win $1,000 Worth of Baby Product

Value:   $1,000
Cost:   free
Ends  2020-12-31
For Kids

Win 2 Sets of Darlie Hamper worth $60

Value:   $60
Cost:   free
Ends  2020-12-16
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